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For 6 years I was a CTC at a large high school without Test Hound. I moved to a new district where Test Hound … Read more "Juana M Perez"
Juana M Perez
Test Hound is an efficient, work saving program that brings smiles to the faces of campus testing coordinators. The software design is from the … Read more "Camille Smith"
Camille Smith
TestHound is AWESOME. As an experienced campus testing coordinator, I was very impressed with the amount of work TestHound saved us. The easily created … Read more "Stephanie Mullens"
Stephanie Mullens
TestHound is my lifeline! As a 10th year district testing coordinator, I wouldn’t coordinate testing without TestHound! On the district level, it allows the … Read more "Shannon H. Kuhrt"
Shannon H. Kuhrt
Lubbock ISD attended the assessment conference in February and saw a presentation by TestHound personnel. We were so impressed that we put the wheels … Read more "Vanessa Barnett"
Vanessa Barnett
TestHound has allowed me to be successful as a first-year testing coordinator. Teachers have remarked many times about how the organization and clarity of … Read more "Terra Timmerman"
Terra Timmerman
As a new testing coordinator, I was nervous. My friend in another district raved to me about Testhound two years ago. So, I was … Read more "Lori Apple"
Lori Apple
TestHound has been a lifesaver for me! As a new CTC, I was pretty nervous about being responsible for all the booklets and getting … Read more "Amy Bruner"
Amy Bruner
Test Hound has taken away a lot of the stress of preparation. What used to take me on average two days to do I … Read more "John Weiz"
Jon Weisz
As a brand new Campus Testing Coordinator, I approached my first STAAR Testing volley with a fair amount of trepidation. However, Test Hound greatly … Read more "Patrick Tempelmeyer"
Patrick Tempelmeyer
TestHound has changed the world of testing in Little Elm ISD. The program was developed specifically for the role of the district and campus … Read more "Cyndy A Mika"
Cyndy A Mika
TestHound was AMAZING!!! I have done this for 7 years and am so glad that TestHound came along! Keeps me from having to invent … Read more "Kristina Brunson"
Kristina Brunson
With Testhound, students getting the wrong accommodation or test booklet has been virtually non-existent. The customer service is outstanding, when you call the staff … Read more "Jamie Brown"
Jamie Brown
I have really appreciated having TestHound over the past year. I will say, I was somewhat anxious about using something new, especially mid-year; however, … Read more "Lori Burke"
Lori Burke