Auto Pilot

(formerly Integrated Accommodations)
Using TestHound, districts can now synchronize testing accommodation data between existing special population software and TestHound. Eliminate double entry at the campus level and increase the accuracy of testing accommodations all while reducing your CTC time on task.

No more counting booklets over and over to verify that all tests are accounted for. No more creating dozens of reports only to have one change of a student’s schedule cause you to waste hours recreating reports.

With TestHound’s automation and reporting tools, you can focus on students, while we focus on logistics.

cloud-iconSync w/Existing Data/System

Import your data directly from your special populations software for simple and fast synchronization.


Customized for your District

TestHound’s customizable mapping tool allows you the flexibility to control the synchronization process.


Automate Notifications

Ensure testing coordinators receive timely notification of all accommodation updates.


Control the Process

Control the process from start to finish. Safeguard accommodation changes at the district and campus level with log files recording every update.

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