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Lori Burke

Lori Burke

I have really appreciated having TestHound over the past year. I will say, I was somewhat anxious about using something new, especially mid-year; however, TestHound has been so helpful! Rosters are so much easier to create and maintain. At the high school level, it has been IMPERATIVE to maintain an master roster since not all students are enrolled in the class they are testing in, but I am able to upload my roster into TestHound and know with certainty that every student that should be testing on a specific EOC is listed. I have been impressed with the intuitive nature of the programming and the ease of use. TestHound has been very good for maintaining enrollments and withdraws, which allows me to remove and add students to testing sessions with little effort. I look forward to the updates and improvements that are being worked on for Make-up sessions and Master Accommodations rosters.

At the elementary and middle school levels I know that TestHound has been a LIFESAVER for those Campus Testing Coordinators who wear several hats. I can’t imagine that the elementary or middle schools would be unhappy with TestHound.

Overall, TestHound has made the High School Campus Testing Coordinator a much more time efficient position. I am able to spend time on researching specific students during the testing windows instead of creating rosters for testing days. Updating rosters is done quickly and has made “human error” less of an issue on our campus.

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