Vanessa Barnett

Vanessa Barnett

Lubbock ISD attended the assessment conference in February and saw a presentation by TestHound personnel. We were so impressed that we put the wheels in motion to purchase the software as soon as we returned. TestHound personnel were instrumental in helping us navigate all the purchasing ins-and-outs, getting the program up-and-running, and training our district before the first big administration began March 31st. We had skepticism from our 100 CTC’s, but once they attended the training they saw the benefit and embraced the software. This was one of the easiest roll-outs of new software we had ever endured.

After the first time they used the program for the late March/early April testing they were believers. We truly did not hear any grumbling, only sincere thanks and amazement at how easy the software is to learn and use. The amount of time and heartache it saves people who have other jobs besides preparing for tests is immense. Even our less computer-literate CTC’s were praising the software.

We already had a scanning software in place; but, the software tracked secure items which only helped at the District level. TestHound software helps at the campus level. It saves our district in both time and resources, and still meets all the mandates issued for security purposes. It is extremely easy for our office to manage at the district level and we can track every secure item in the district at the touch of a button.

TestHound also helped us streamline our paperwork. One piece of paper is used for the: 1) Materials Control Form; 2) Seating Chart; and 3) Test Administrator Test Roster. It also serves as documentation for score coding information. For instance, the reason a test is marked “O” or “A” is documented on that same form.

We cannot say enough good about the software or the technical support we receive from TestHound.

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