Test Hound has taken away a lot of the stress of preparation. What used to take me… Read more “John Weiz”

Jon Weisz

TestHound has allowed me to be successful as a first-year testing coordinator. Teachers have remarked many times… Read more “Terra Timmerman”

Terra Timmerman

TestHound has been a lifesaver for me! As a new CTC, I was pretty nervous about being… Read more “Amy Bruner”

Amy Bruner

TestHound was AMAZING!!! I have done this for 7 years and am so glad that TestHound came… Read more “Kristina Brunson”

Kristina Brunson

With Testhound, students getting the wrong accommodation or test booklet has been virtually non-existent. The customer service… Read more “Jamie Brown”

Jamie Brown

I have really appreciated having TestHound over the past year. I will say, I was somewhat anxious… Read more “Lori Burke”

Lori Burke

Test Hound is an efficient, work saving program that brings smiles to the faces of campus testing… Read more “Camille Smith”

Camille Smith

Lubbock ISD attended the assessment conference in February and saw a presentation by TestHound personnel. We were… Read more “Vanessa Barnett”

Vanessa Barnett

TestHound has changed the world of testing in Little Elm ISD. The program was developed specifically for… Read more “Cyndy A Mika”

Cyndy A Mika

TestHound is AWESOME. As an experienced campus testing coordinator, I was very impressed with the amount of… Read more “Stephanie Mullens”

Stephanie Mullens

As a brand new Campus Testing Coordinator, I approached my first STAAR Testing volley with a fair… Read more “Patrick Tempelmeyer”

Patrick Tempelmeyer

TestHound is my lifeline! As a 10th year district testing coordinator, I wouldn’t coordinate testing without TestHound!… Read more “Shannon H. Kuhrt”

Shannon H. Kuhrt

As a new testing coordinator, I was nervous. My friend in another district raved to me about… Read more “Lori Apple”

Lori Apple

For 6 years I was a CTC at a large high school without Test Hound. I moved… Read more “Juana M Perez”

Juana M Perez

Just wanted to let you all know that we have loaded the demographics and SIRS files. WOW!!!!… Read more “Jon Weisz”

Jon Weisz

We appreciate you (TestHound) not only for listening to our feedback, but for also making the effort… Read more “Michael Montague- Frisco ISD”

Michael Montague

Before using Testhound, our district had a very high occurrence of test irregularities caused by the distribution… Read more “Crystal Glover- Amarillo ISD”

Crystal Glover

Would you give up your smartphone to go back to a rotary phone or flip-phone?   A smartphone… Read more “Shannon Kurht- Witchita Falls ISD”

Shannon Kurht

At the district level, I am no longer having to email testing coordinators for information. I can… Read more “Jennifer Price- Keller ISD”

Jennifer Price

The TestHound staff are always responsive to our needs in a timely manner.  The customer service is… Read more “Amy Dill– Grapevine-Colleyville ISD”

Amy Dill

At the high school level, TestHound saves my administrators over testing approximately 3 days, allowing them more… Read more “Nancy Webster– Klein ISD”

Nancy Webster

I think the biggest challenge facing most districts is the amount of time it takes to prepare… Read more “Amy Gilbert- Granbury ISD”

Amy Gilbert

Even my most reluctant CTCs who have now come on board with it, love it and won’t… Read more “Lori Hart- Denton ISD”

Lori Hart

It was designed by educators that truly understand the demands of statewide testing.  Therefore, it makes all… Read more “Pam Brown- Lubbock Cooper ISD”

Pam Brown

I wouldn’t be a DTC without TestHound! In DeSoto ISD, EAGLES SOAR with testing with TestHound!

Kathy Ferrell

While my hard work always paid off, having TestHound cut down on the weeks of non-stop updating… Read more “LaMonica Brewington- A.W. Brown Academy”

LaMonica Brewington

I have already talked to other districts that do not use Test Hound and I tell them… Read more “Amy Gonzales- Frenship ISD”

Amy Gonzales

TestHound is the best investment you could ever make to help reduce the workload and stress levels… Read more “Jennifer Samuel- Everman ISD”

Jennifer Samuel

Testhound has allowed our campus administrators to focus on students, student learning, and instruction in the classroom… Read more “Cyndy Mika- Little Elm ISD”

Cyndy Mika

With TestHound, we know have consistency across the district.  TestHound helps new testing coordinators know exactly how… Read more “Courtney Clearfield- Garland ISD”

Courtney Clearfield

Importing accommodations into TestHound from our various applications had decreased the number of incidents where students were… Read more “Nancy Webster- Klein ISD”

Nancy Webster

Reducing errors and giving students and teachers the most comfortable and correct testing experience is very important… Read more “Cheryl Villanueva- Godley ISD”

Cheryl Villanueva

I saw this product about three years ago at the testing conference. I was in love and… Read more “Laura Osborne- Sealy ISD”

Laura Osborne

I could not do testing without it.  It has truly revolutionized testing for me and made so… Read more “Laura Osborne- Sealy ISD”

Laura Osborne

The cost is/was reasonable, so there was no obstacle in that regard.

Donna Wallace

Implementing TestHound initially was a paradigm shift, but it is actually very easy to use and no… Read more “Donna Wallace- Van ISD”

Donna Wallace