Like all famous software initiatives, TestHound began in a garage in Southern California — well not exactly. It actually began at a High School in the heart of East Texas during the spring of 2007. While working as a Technology Trainer, Dr. J. Eli Crow (back then known as Eli, the tech guy) was approached by an assistant principal, named Marianne to help solve a problem facing every public school campus of the day: How do we manage all of these tests?

The very first iteration of the test management system was originally known as TAKScan based on the name of the standard TAKS testing in Texas. TAKscan was heavily dependent on scanning test booklets. As technology changed and testing changed, a much more robust system was needed to manage the testing experience. The new system we now know as TestHound would be an inventory-tracking tool, but there were much bigger visions in store.

In 2011 the University of Texas at Tyler’s Ingenuity Center helped transition the ideas behind TAKScan to the modern web-based application we know as TestHound. Fifteen school districts across the state of Texas were chosen as beta test sites, and in the 2012-2013 school year, they successfully implemented the web-based TestHound for the first time.

In 2013 Education Advanced, Inc. was formed by Dr. Crow, and in 2015 TestHound was formally transferred to the company. This represented a significant milestone not only for TestHound but also UT Tyler, as this was the first ever instance of “technology transfer” from the university to a corporate entity.

Today TestHound serves school districts from all regions of the state of Texas and expansion into other states has begun. Though TestHound has not been a commercial product for very long, the lengthy development period and continuous feedback from school districts has made TestHound the premier test coordination tool in the state.

What is TestHound?

TestHound is a web-based system designed to increase the efficiency and the accuracy of the coordination of standardized tests. TestHound allows for district level management and oversight of all test coordination processes and procedures, including inventory management, student tracking, test scheduling, accommodation assignment, reporting, and more.

At the campus level, TestHound is coordinated with student management systems to ensure accurate student enrollment, student attributes, special population status, student schedules, teacher lists, room lists, and more. Campus testing coordinators can then use the TestHound configuration tools to create testing schedules, track student accommodation information, ensure appropriate test and test booklet assignments, track inventory, create reports and more…all with the help of numerous automation features.

TestHound has been shown to reduce testing irregularities by as much as 66%, reduce test coordinator time by over 50%, and reduce paperwork by up to 75%. Campus and District Coordinators rave about how much easier TestHound makes their job and how much more time they have to focus on students. There is simply no better tool available for test coordinators.

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