Auto-Align: Checking your inventory against the test provider's checklist

Auto-Align: Checking your inventory against the test provider's checklist

Are you looking for an easy way to verify that your test booklet inventory matches what the test provider says you should have? TestHound has created a nifty way to verify this information with a simple click of the Auto-Align button—saving you much needed time.

Here is how to use the Auto-Align Feature:

  1. First, login to the Campus Management Account
  2. If in a District Management view, select the school from the (1) Campus drop-down list on the right of the home screen, then select the green (2) Campus Management button from the left-hand menu

  3. Select Materials > Inventory from the left-hand menu

  4. Select the administration you wish to align from the  Select Admin drop-down menu at the top

  5. Click the Auto-Align button on the top right of the inventory table. (two arrows forming a circle)

  6. Congratulations… now you can check to see if everything is matching. Happy Testing.

NOTE: You can not validate your inventory using the Auto-Align option unless the checklist has been uploaded and your inventory is also uploaded. TestHound does not always receive the checklist from the Test Provider before you receive your inventory. The auto align feature allows you to scan in all your inventory before the checklist has arrived and then verify you have everything once we receive the official checklist.

Check the Help Tab for more details on inventory and the checklist. Contact customer service if you need further assistance by calling 903.858.4497 or submit a ticket in the Help Tab on the right side of your account.