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At TestHound, we strive to create tools that make the job of the school district administrator better.  We believe that we have a positive impact on kids every time we are able to save school officials time, because they can then give that time back to kids.  If you feel the same way as we do, then join us.  TestHound is looking for partners who are willing to work on behalf of school districts to facilitate the movement of student data between our systems.

TestHound is a test coordination system.  We help school districts manage their standardized test administrations.  This includes information such as which kids are taking which tests, when, where, and how.  One of the critical elements of this process is managing student testing accommodations for those students with special needs.  Often times, these data are maintained in systems produced by other vendors.  If your company houses this information, and you would like to begin allowing districts to request that we share those data to improve their processes, then please complete the form below and provide us with a signed partnership agreement.

After we receive your signed agreement, our data integration team will contact you to provide you with instructions and credentials to allow you to provide nightly data drops via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).  We will also explain the process that the district will go through within TestHound to allow us to begin processing those data.  We look forward to including you in our growing list of partners, and working with you to streamline school district processes so that they can get back to the real work of educating our kids.

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