Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown

With Testhound, students getting the wrong accommodation or test booklet has been virtually non-existent.

The customer service is outstanding, when you call the staff is supportive and extremely helpful.

Working with a high school CTC for one of the biggest high schools in Texas, we were able to assign all students to all tests needed for the December EOC in about 20 minutes.
It is a wonderful time saver, the developers of Testhound have thought about every testing situation to save Campus Testing Coordinators valuable time.

Testhound has organized testing by integrating several data bases to ensure smooth testing by the easy use of reports from Material Control Forms, combined Attendance/Rosters/Seating Charts, and Accommodations for both the individual testing rooms and for the entire school.

On testing day, you know where every student and teacher is for testing- teachers are at ease knowing they have the correct accommodations and booklets that their students need.

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