Tiffany Carwell- Westwood ISD

Tiffany Carwell- Westwood ISD

I just wanted to share a testimonial of just how much better TestHound made this week for us.

Our JH CTC had a medical emergency this weekend and was not able to be here all week. (She will actually be out for the remainder of the year) While she had everything ready for Monday and Tuesday, we still had plenty to do as you know. Two of our other CTCs and I got together and figured everything out. If we didn’t have TestHound, this process would have been so much more difficult. We were able to go straight to TestHound for accommodations, prior results, test forms, inventory, and just about anything else we needed to help us. As a matter of fact, because of the time saved with TestHound, we have everything boxed up and about ready to be shipped off.

It has been a busy week no doubt, but there were so many positives…the campus and district support, me getting to experience being in a CTC position since I hadn’t previously, and last, but certainly not least…TestHound!

We are thankful to be apart of the TestHound family!

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