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I just gave the December EOC. TestHound made everything so easy!. I love that I can scan my books to the box as they come in and it lets me know how many are still out. And when that number matches my absences – it’s perfect! Being able to box up the used books at the end of the day is fantastic. I also love the reports. All my test administrators thought the combined test material control form and seating chart was great. Not having to sign so many pieces of paper first thing in the morning and after a long day of testing was wonderful for them! I can’t wait for the other campuses to find out how much easier managing the tests will be. Thanks, TestHound for such a great product!

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Kristie Bennett

Alief ISD chose TestHound because they were the only program that had the functionality that our district required to help our campuses be successful during each test administration at the local, state, and federal level. As with any new program implementation, there is always a certain level of concern with staff “buy in” or the newness of the program itself. Lara’s trainings made our staff feel comfortable and excited to start our new journey and now almost a year into having TestHound, we could not be any happier that we made the decision to go with TestHound for our various testing needs.
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Daniel L. Scudder

Just wanted to tell you how we love the accommodations toolkit!!  For the first time in 10 years, we did not have any irregularities with accommodations!!!!

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Jennifer Price

I just wanted to share a testimonial of just how much better TestHound made this week for us.
Our JH CTC had a medical emergency this weekend and was not able to be here all week. (She will actually be out for the remainder of the year) While she had everything ready for Monday and Tuesday, we still had plenty to do as you know. Two of our other CTCs and I got together and figured everything out. If we didn’t have TestHound, this process would have been so much more difficult. We were able to go straight to TestHound for accommodations, prior results, test forms, inventory, and just about anything else we needed to help us. As a matter of fact, because of the time saved with TestHound, we have everything boxed up and about ready to be shipped off.
It has been a busy week no doubt, but there were so many positives…the campus and district support, me getting to experience being in a CTC position since I hadn’t previously, and last, but certainly not least…TestHound!
We are thankful to be apart of the TestHound family!
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Tiffany Carwell

Implementing TestHound initially was a paradigm shift, but it is actually very easy to use and no one gives it a second thought now!
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Donna Wallace

The cost is/was reasonable, so there was no obstacle in that regard.
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Donna Wallace

I could not do testing without it.  It has truly revolutionized testing for me and made so many tasks quicker and easier than they ever were before.
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Laura Osborne

I saw this product about three years ago at the testing conference. I was in love and begged the district to buy it as I was doing all my accommodations by cutting and pasting spreadsheets. I was in a perpetual state of fear that I would lose an accommodation or student in all the cutting and pasting.
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Laura Osborne

Reducing errors and giving students and teachers the most comfortable and correct testing experience is very important to me. Testing should just be another day in a student & teachers life and TestHound helps us to accomplish that goal.
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Cheryl Villanueva

Importing accommodations into TestHound from our various applications had decreased the number of incidents where students were not provided the correct accommodation.
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Nancy Webster

With TestHound, we know have consistency across the district.  TestHound helps new testing coordinators know exactly how to set up testing in a user friendly environment even if they are not “technically savvy.”
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Courtney Clearfield

Testhound has allowed our campus administrators to focus on students, student learning, and instruction in the classroom instead of focusing on the administrative tasks associated with testing.  The amount of time our campus administrators and counselors have gained back as a result of using Testhound is astonishing.
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Cyndy Mika

TestHound is the best investment you could ever make to help reduce the workload and stress levels of your testing teams from district to campus level.
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Jennifer Samuel

I have already talked to other districts that do not use Test Hound and I tell them it is a life changer.  Makes inventory and testing so much easier and more accurate!  I could not do without it!
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Amy Gonzales

While my hard work always paid off, having TestHound cut down on the weeks of non-stop updating to spreadsheets.  It made my life a lot better and alleviated a lot of stress.
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LaMonica Brewington

I wouldn’t be a DTC without TestHound! In DeSoto ISD, EAGLES SOAR with testing with TestHound!

Kathy Ferrell

It was designed by educators that truly understand the demands of statewide testing.  Therefore, it makes all DTC’s and CTC’s work more efficient and not harder.

Pam Brown

Even my most reluctant CTCs who have now come on board with it, love it and won’t go back to their old way of doing things.  It is a timesaver.

Lori Hart

I think the biggest challenge facing most districts is the amount of time it takes to prepare for an assessment without a great tool like TestHound.  The time TestHound saves CTCs is extraordinary.  All the things that used to have to be done by hand, can now be done by the system.

Amy Gilbert

At the high school level, TestHound saves my administrators over testing approximately 3 days, allowing them more time to focus on supporting instruction at their campus.

Nancy Webster

The TestHound staff are always responsive to our needs in a timely manner.  The customer service is top notch.

Amy Dill

At the district level, I am no longer having to email testing coordinators for information. I can log into Testhound and locate information. I no longer wait to receive 43 campus emails! I can log into Testhound and view this information quickly!

Jennifer Price

Would you give up your smartphone to go back to a rotary phone or flip-phone?   A smartphone makes our jobs so much easier just as TestHound makes the world of test organization a snap!  I would never go back to sticky notes and paper/pencil organization!

Shannon Kurht

Before using Testhound, our district had a very high occurrence of test irregularities caused by the distribution of incorrect accommodations/test versions.  Testhound has helped with this problem by becoming our CTC’s one stop shop for accommodation information.

Crystal Glover

We appreciate you (TestHound) not only for listening to our feedback, but for also making the effort to incorporate our feedback and requests into TestHound updates.

Michael Montague

Just wanted to let you all know that we have loaded the demographics and SIRS files. WOW!!!! Performance Tracker is great. Thanks for helping me through this process. I have already caught some potential issues within upcoming testing. Can’t wait to see what is next…
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Jon Weisz

For 6 years I was a CTC at a large high school without Test Hound. I moved to a new district where Test Hound was being utilized and loved it! Test Hound would have saved me many hours and headaches had I had it when I was a CTC. I highly recommend it for any grade level.
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Juana M Perez

As a new testing coordinator, I was nervous. My friend in another district raved to me about Testhound two years ago. So, I was excited to learn that my district had purchased the program. I felt confident knowing that Testhound would help keep me on track, and realized before too long that it would even catch my mistakes. My friend was right. It is amazing and I can’t imagine having to function without it.
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Lori Apple

TestHound is my lifeline! As a 10th year district testing coordinator, I wouldn’t coordinate testing without TestHound!
On the district level, it allows the district coordinator transparency to see all students in the district, every student’s accommodations, all tests assigned to students, and every campus testing set-up in a few clicks.
The beauty that it feeds to our district student information system ensures that we will never miss a new enrolled student. The ease of TestHound has transformed testing for the WFISD and given back countless hours of time to our testing coordinators.
I would highly recommend TestHound to anyone in the field of test coordination. I have found our experience using TestHound to be outstanding!
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Shannon H. Kuhrt

As a brand new Campus Testing Coordinator, I approached my first STAAR Testing volley with a fair amount of trepidation. However, Test Hound greatly simplified the process.
Being able to see all students in one place, along with their 504 and Special Ed. accommodations made room assignment much easier. Scanning books to students and test administrators greatly simplified the inventory process.
Customizable reports for materials control, attendance, and room accommodations lessened the test administrator’s work load, and, most of all, when checking materials back in, being able to see the “all green” on the material inventory resulted in a tangible feeling of relief knowing that everything was accounted for.
In my very limited opinion, this program led to a considerable workload reduction for both the Coordinator and the Test Administrators.
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Patrick Tempelmeyer

TestHound is AWESOME.
As an experienced campus testing coordinator, I was very impressed with the amount of work TestHound saved us.
The easily created Materials Control Form/Seating charts, Attendance Sheets, and Accommodation Sheets helped our Test Administrators feel more comfortable and prepared during testing. Being able to scan, assign and label a test book for each student prior to testing allowed for hassle free test administration. Inventory of test books by scanning at the end of testing allowed for documentation that we had accounted for all items. TestHound is a great product!
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Stephanie Mullens

TestHound has changed the world of testing in Little Elm ISD. The program was developed specifically for the role of the district and campus testing coordinators and is continually being updated as the State testing program evolves.
The team at Testhound has created a robust program that coordinates all of the activities that a testing coordinator must participate in from tracking accommodations to inventorying district and campus testing materials to assigning students to testing rooms and creating material control forms.
The ease of the program saves the CTC and DTC countless hours of paperwork and time spent on inventory control. Since implementing Testhound, the time spent on testing has been greatly reduced as have the district and campus level testing irregularities.
Testhound is the testing coordinator’s best friend during testing season!
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Cyndy A Mika

Lubbock ISD attended the assessment conference in February and saw a presentation by TestHound personnel. We were so impressed that we put the wheels in motion to purchase the software as soon as we returned. TestHound personnel were instrumental in helping us navigate all the purchasing ins-and-outs, getting the program up-and-running, and training our district before the first big administration began March 31st. We had skepticism from our 100 CTC’s, but once they attended the training they saw the benefit and embraced the software. This was one of the easiest roll-outs of new software we had ever endured.
After the first time they used the program for the late March/early April testing they were believers. We truly did not hear any grumbling, only sincere thanks and amazement at how easy the software is to learn and use. The amount of time and heartache it saves people who have other jobs besides preparing for tests is immense. Even our less computer-literate CTC’s were praising the software.
We already had a scanning software in place; but, the software tracked secure items which only helped at the District level. TestHound software helps at the campus level. It saves our district in both time and resources, and still meets all the mandates issued for security purposes. It is extremely easy for our office to manage at the district level and we can track every secure item in the district at the touch of a button.
TestHound also helped us streamline our paperwork. One piece of paper is used for the: 1) Materials Control Form; 2) Seating Chart; and 3) Test Administrator Test Roster. It also serves as documentation for score coding information. For instance, the reason a test is marked “O” or “A” is documented on that same form.
We cannot say enough good about the software or the technical support we receive from TestHound.
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Vanessa Barnett

Test Hound is an efficient, work saving program that brings smiles to the faces of campus testing coordinators. The software design is from the campus perspective, designed specifically to ease the campus coordination of statewide testing.
Our district campus personnel have experienced an effective system that accounts for all materials, tracks appropriate accommodations for students, and saves hours of time for campus testing coordinators. It has become a “must have” tool in our district for statewide assessment coordination!
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Camille Smith

I have really appreciated having TestHound over the past year. I will say, I was somewhat anxious about using something new, especially mid-year; however, TestHound has been so helpful! Rosters are so much easier to create and maintain. At the high school level, it has been IMPERATIVE to maintain an master roster since not all students are enrolled in the class they are testing in, but I am able to upload my roster into TestHound and know with certainty that every student that should be testing on a specific EOC is listed. I have been impressed with the intuitive nature of the programming and the ease of use. TestHound has been very good for maintaining enrollments and withdraws, which allows me to remove and add students to testing sessions with little effort. I look forward to the updates and improvements that are being worked on for Make-up sessions and Master Accommodations rosters.
At the elementary and middle school levels I know that TestHound has been a LIFESAVER for those Campus Testing Coordinators who wear several hats. I can’t imagine that the elementary or middle schools would be unhappy with TestHound.
Overall, TestHound has made the High School Campus Testing Coordinator a much more time efficient position. I am able to spend time on researching specific students during the testing windows instead of creating rosters for testing days. Updating rosters is done quickly and has made “human error” less of an issue on our campus.
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Lori Burke

With Testhound, students getting the wrong accommodation or test booklet has been virtually non-existent.
The customer service is outstanding, when you call the staff is supportive and extremely helpful.
Working with a high school CTC for one of the biggest high schools in Texas, we were able to assign all students to all tests needed for the December EOC in about 20 minutes.
It is a wonderful time saver, the developers of Testhound have thought about every testing situation to save Campus Testing Coordinators valuable time.
Testhound has organized testing by integrating several data bases to ensure smooth testing by the easy use of reports from Material Control Forms, combined Attendance/Rosters/Seating Charts, and Accommodations for both the individual testing rooms and for the entire school.
On testing day, you know where every student and teacher is for testing- teachers are at ease knowing they have the correct accommodations and booklets that their students need.
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Jamie Brown

TestHound was AMAZING!!! I have done this for 7 years and am so glad that TestHound came along! Keeps me from having to invent my own way of keeping track of everything!!
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Kristina Brunson

TestHound has been a lifesaver for me! As a new CTC, I was pretty nervous about being responsible for all the booklets and getting kids assigned to rooms. With TestHound all of that was so easy! It was great to be able to plug kids into rooms and filter students with accommodations to other rooms. Scanning in the inventory was easy, boxing up materials was easy, and I truly think TestHound saved me so much time and trouble!!! It is really a great tool to have.
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Amy Bruner

TestHound has allowed me to be successful as a first-year testing coordinator. Teachers have remarked many times about how the organization and clarity of testing paperwork has improved. This is due to the structure that TestHound provides.
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Terra Timmerman

Test Hound has taken away a lot of the stress of preparation. What used to take me on average two days to do I can now do in a matter of seconds. Once I scan my inventory into the system and do a few housekeeping things, I am ready to go.
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Jon Weisz